Stainless Steel Evolution Link Pipe Set

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Akrapović became first-to-market with the release of their 2020+ Toyota Supra A90 exhaust system. Using their nomenclature, this is the optional mid-pipes to make their slip-on axle-back exhaust system into a full cat-back exhaust system. Given the A90's power potential, this upgrade makes a huge difference in power. These connecting pipes are constructed from high-quality authentic stainless steel.

These pipes features an arrangement of two central link pipes for the best flow of the exhaust gases from the engine. It is designed to increase power and torque and reduce overall weight, while delivering a deep and sporty sound with no unwanted drone or streaming. 
This part cannot be run alone, it must be paired with the Slip on exhaust system.

Slip-on central pipes connecting the slip on exhaust
Constructed from high-quality authentic stainless steel
Performance increase via low back pressure design
Light weight construction reduces weight
Designed to have perfect fitment
Made at state of the art facility in Slovenia