HKS Premium Body Kit | 2020 Toyota GR Supra A90

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2020 Toyota GR Supra A90 Premium Body Kit by HKS
The continued involvement of HKS in motorsports has provided them with constant data and knowledge which have been utilized in the development of new aeromotive products. The wide body kit for the 2020 Supra is the first of the original aero kits by HKS. HKS time attack machines such as the "CT230R", "TRB 03" and "TRB 04" were used to research, analyze and develop the ideal aerodynamic body kit.

This components in this kit are made from glass fiber reinforced plastic.
Black gel coat finish on the surface provides a beautiful appearance.
Fenders and rear canards rectify the rear and stabilize the vehicle.
Created by performing CFD analysis of aerodynamic qualities.
Designed to obtain optimal downforce.
Rear down force can be increased further by installing the optional GT wing.
Countless tests were conducted on high speed circuits.
Please Note:

The corner sensor will need to be relocated after extending the wiring.
Fender modification etc. should be done by a professional.