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Hydra Motor Works Stage 1 and 2 Toyota Supra MKV A90 Handheld ECU Flasher and ECU Tunes

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These tunes are calibrated to unlock the potential of the stock MKV Supra by reworking the fuel and timing of the stock tune, and adding boost. The Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes are bundled together to save you $100 over purchasing them separately.

  • In private testing,  gains of over 60whp and 55lbf-ft of torque without any other modifications to the car with the Stage 1 tune. 
  • The tunes are shipped with a hand held programmer that is used to upload the calibrations to the stock ECU.
  • These tunes are fully reversible and you can upload your stock tune by yourself using the handheld programmer
  • The Stage 2 tune is calibrated to take advantage of bolt ons like a free flowing downpipe, exhaust, and intake.

There are 2 common ways to tune a modern OEM ecu. You can either write a tune directly to the ecu, or you can use a piggy back box to trick the stock tune into doing what you want by manipulating the readings that it sees from the engine sensors. The method we are offering writes new performance tunes directly to the ecu instead of trying to trick the stock map with masked sensor values.

Consult with your dealership's service department to see if they will void or honor your warranty after reflashing the stock ecu before purchasing as many dealerships will void a warranty after any modifications.

While this tune is reversible, it is not CARB compliant, may cause your vehicle to not pass emissions testing and is such officially rated for off road use only.