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The Evolution Series for the Toyota Supra
After substantial evaluation, development, and real-world testing, we have prepared a Sound Solution that takes all variables of the factory infrastructure (MOST-Bus) into full consideration. The result is a turn-key package that delivers all the power, refinement, and balance missing for the factory and other 3rd-party audio options for the Supra. We are proud to offer a Solution that integrates seamlessly with the factory electronics and accomplishes next-level clarity, dynamics, and loudness. The Evolution Series is paired with our Supra-specific Subwoofer System, crafted to maximize usable space, all the while delivering immersive and impactful bass responses without introducing distracting rattles.


Amplification Package
Next-level sound reproduction. No trade-offs.
The Evolution Series brings a whole new class of sonic performance to the Supra. Thanks to our advanced amplification, the built-in 64-bit Digital Signal Processing power, and zero-compromise operation accomplished by the Integration Interface Module — the Evolution Series delivers double the power of the factory system and 25%+ more performance than Solutions we offer for the other Toyota Applications. So whether you’re listening to a podcast or your favorite album, you will experience your content with unrivaled sound reproduction and plenty of headroom.


Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

  • Superior dynamics, volume, and impact
  • 6 Watts RMS (Continuous / @ 2-ohms)
  • Class HD technology with full digital connectivity
  • Real-time system diagnosis for trouble-free operation
  • Seamlessly installs with all factory connections

64-Bit DSP + Signature Tuning

  • Calibrated by our acoustic engineers to deliver high-resolution audio the moment you plug your system in. 
  • Enormous processing power and sound optimization
  • 295 MHz DSP Chip | Class HD Topology
  • Full Digital: Optical Toslink SPDIF Connectivity (12 - 96 kHz)

Integration Interface Module

  •  Enables installation of the Evolution Series Amplifier Package while maintaining all functionality of the factory MOST bus system.
  • Set it and forget it: Installs seamlessly at the Amplifier location.

Auxiliary Cooling Fan

  • Built-in Auxiliary Cooling Fan provides constant air circulation keeping the perfect ambient temperature for the DSP Power Amplifier. This accessory is pre-installed: No maintenance required.


Supra-Specific Subwoofer System.
The Evolution Series Subwoofer System delivers deep, accurate, and impactful bass as intended by the recording artist. You can expect a full, and immersive bass response carrying all the emotional weight of your music, but without localization or compromising clarity. This balanced and yet robust low-frequency extension is accomplished by way of our corner-loaded design, acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet, and our quad-coil carbon fiber cone 8" Subwoofer.


*Factory subs are disconnected. After extensive evaluation, our acoustic engineers ultimately determined that omitting the use of the factory subwoofers rendered the best results to the overall listening experience. Even with attempts to re-tune, filter, and/or treating the housing, we found the factory placement (even with upgraded drivers) to be more of a distraction than a contribution to an accurate sound stage, and a misappropriation of resources. 

  • 8″ Quad-Coil Subwoofer
  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Cone Woofer
  • 100W RMS (200 Peak)
  • Sensitivity 88.9dB (1 W,1M)
  • Frequency Response: 20 -1000 Hz
  • Corner-Mounted placement for the optimal low-frequency extension. 
  • 14-Liter acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet
  • Integrates seamlessly into factory panel
  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Automotive connectors for precision and reliable connection
  • Factory panel clip locations taken into account (preventing potential rattles)






  • Engineered and tuned specifically for the Toyota Supra
  • Complete compatibility with the factory MOST Bus
  • High-resolution clarity, loudness, and impact
  • Double the power than our other offerings
  • Plug and-Play Installation
  • Vehicle factory warranty remains completely intact
  • Guaranteed results.